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The author is 75 and this is my first book, a work of fiction, of fact and of truth. I have spent most of my life writing, in various ways within advertising and marketing, in New Zealand, London, Barcelona, New York and Sydney.

Outside of earning a living, I have written to distract myself from reality.  My stories and poems are about animals and objects, gentle loves as far away from the everyday world as possible.  I have always been interested in symbolism and when very young I wrote a poem about a nightingale who fell in love with a rose and in the pure consummation of his love he was fatally pierced in the heart by the thorn of the rose.   I was later disappointed to find that a Persian poet had had the idea before me.

My husband and I live in rural New South Wales, with a cat (Paco, Ruler of the Universe) and a garden full of lizards, kookaburras, butcher birds, magpies, native mynahs, rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos and assorted other feathery friends.

The story I have written is coloured by my having observed the first signs of Alzheimer’s in someone close to me and then the later quite rapid deterioration.  I was intrigued by the way the afflicted mind has sudden flashes of lucidity but the moment of true memory is overcome by the accompanying realisation that time there will be brief.

Such an experience causes one to look constantly for signs in oneself.

It is impossible to say anything about my life without including the great affection I have for cats.  I love their independence, and wherever I have lived, I have always shared my secrets with my cats.   Thus, there may be a mention or two in my book.

It is fair to say that the first part of the book is a fictionalisation of my own life.   The stories told by the four friends at the first dinner party all happened to me exactly as described.   From that point, social events are fictional but details of philosophical and scientific beliefs and theories are interests of my own and derived from researching the websites acknowledged and from memories of material absorbed over the years.